Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wines! I Drink You!

I think since Easter I have been drinking wine everyday. Orginally, I was going to head off to Whole Foods for the usual Salmon Run brand I like to pick up, but I didn't have the time to. Then I was yelled at and stripped of my Easter basket unless I retrieved wine for the holiday meal. Enforcing my right as eldest sibling, I dragged my sister the long, treacherous three blocks to the liquor store so I may indeed have my chocolate bunny.

Now. I love wine. It's awesome. But I usally just get a recommendation from the waiter when I'm out for dinner at classy joints. So when I'm in the liquor store...I just buy the pretty bottles or whatever is decently priced. Plus, I don't think of the town's liquor store as a carrier of high-class wines.

But I'm now addicted to CUPCAKE VINEYARDS! And they are on sale at the local store for like $9 a bottle. Whoa.

Really like the Sauvignon Blanc - it's light and crisp and not bitter like some other nicely priced brands. I seriously think I drank the whole bottle in two days.

Then, last night I bought Cupcake Vineyards' Moscato and was quite pleased. I just had to throw a sliced strawberry in the glass and then had a stroke of genius. Strawberry puree! I just bought the Magic Bullet Blender that day and decided to try it out. What a cute mini-blender. Plus I added Winter White Savannah Bee Company honey and it was really good.

I have a new brand and I'm happy! Plus, the name is so cute and there's blend names like 'Angel Food' and 'Red Velvet' - got to look into that.
Also tried out some new reds. the MARK WEST Pinot Noir is pretty good and I like with dinner. The gentleman at the store said it was their top selling and was like $12. As for pretty bottles, I bought ROSE'S SWEET RED and expected sweet, but this was still really dry. Not bad though, but I want more to decorate my sewing studio like the label than drink more of it.

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Mark West Pinot said...

We really appreciate the mention! Hope you enjoyed the pinot, and, if you get chance, check out our Chard. Cheers!