Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sephora Buys!

I need to be stopped! Spent the other day hanging out with the lovely Rebecca (mastermind behind the Reflections events I've been a designer at) and used that time for much needed shopping ventures. My favorite buys of the day are above. So girly and so awesome.

First we hit up FRESH MARKET and I bought chia seeds for smoothies and wanted to buy acai powder, but this medium sized can was $27... so no buy because I already knew I was spending too much on Easter chocolates for my mom & sister and coffee.

After a quick snack, we headed to the mall for the destination we talked about all day - SEPHORA

Hadn't been there in ages and still had a gift card from Christmas (present from my lovely assistant Connie). What to buy? What to buy?

Didn't really need make-up, but then again when do you not need make-up? I did restrain myself and only bought the one perfume and grabbed a lipgloss that was surprisingly on sale. And just when you think you've made it to the counter all set, you grab one of the nail polishes en route to the cashier.

MISS DIOR CHERIE - I had received a sample before and loved it. So I was excited to finally buy a the real deal. Wanted Madame by Gautier, but they didn't have it.

HELLO KITTY LIPGLOSS in LOLLIPOP - It looks like the color will be thinker when put on, but nice sheen and it's Hello Kitty, so completely adorable.

BETSEY JOHNSON for OPI 'It's My Pink' - I really don't need more pink nail polishes, but it's Betsey Johnson and check this out - it's scented! Her 'Too Too' fragrance (by the way, the bottle is outfitted like a stripper ballerina) I tried, but didn't care for, scents this nail lacquer. Turns out after two nights, a smelly concert and tons of hand creme, it still smelled like the Too Too fragrance.

So excited to do all my nails in my new polish, spray on Miss Dior Cherie and pop on a coat of Hello Kitty lipgloss with my new sailor print dress. Plus, I got a sample of the Purity face wash by Philosophy.

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