Thursday, February 23, 2012

OMG. Food.

I've been watching WAY too much Netflix. I watched two health documentaries - 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' and 'Forks Over Knives.' Really interesting and now I think I'm becoming a health nut. While they never considered themselves vegans, basiclaly the vegan lifestyle was promoted to help maintain your health, live a long life and with eating good amounts of plant-based foods, you could heal your body from the inside out.

What I really was interested in was when they commented on those following this diet how their skin looked great. I don't have horrible acne, but I'm at an age where I'm just like "Seriously? I'm too old for this." I've tried so many skin care products and they don't work. And of couse the one thing I haven't tried is something I've always knew and been told - I have horrible eating habits.

I don't like water. I eat a lot of candy. And while I'm vegetarian, I eat more pastas and breads than veggies and fruits. Here's the start to my attempt at eating a diet full of veggies, fruits, grains and minimal dairy.

The documentaries were mainly about juicing and duh, I never put two and two together that the nutrients from the foods absorb faster and better when made liquid. Gets in the blood stream quicker. Of course. So I'm in search of a juicer, but until then, I'm making smoothies! Frozen fruit, greek yogurt, soy milk and juice and whatever! They've been coming out so yummy and tomorrow I'm starting on making banana-based ones.

I'm also trying to buy good food and I'm a Trader Joe's addict! So to help ween me off sodas, I've been drinking their sparkling waters (lime and the reaspberry & lime are the best) with a splash of juice sometimes. Then their Tom Yam soup - love! And you can heat it up on the stovetop. I just make sure to strain out the pieces from the spice pack before putting it in a bowl.

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