Friday, March 23, 2012

Addicted to CUPCAKES!

I felt like an addict last night. After dinner at INOTECA down on Rivington in the Lower East Side, which is amazing and you need to go if you haven't. I think I've gone enough times where I don't have to read the glossary they include alongside the menu. I am in love with the tuna and capers sandwich, which is so simple and plain, but delicious. And thank goodness I'm writiing this because I was reheating my mozzarella en carozza from last night and it almost burned. It is SO good from this place. It's basically an epic grilled cheese.

Great wine and appetizers are always the bruschette, which most are so delicious and do change up with the seasons.

But here's where I go nuts...

I want dessert to take home. I was craving a cupcake from BABYCAKES, but also I am IN LOVE with the icing on the 'sexy red velvet' cupcakes from SUGAR SWEET SUNSHINE. We go to Sugar Sweet Sunshine and I'm buying six cupcakes for $10.50 for me and my friend. This place is so cute and the cupcakes taste homemade/box cake and SO yummy. Then I go for my vegan cupcake at Babycakes and spend $4.75 for one (though I think she over charged me a dollar, but I felt already weird by having her put the cupcake in my bag with the other baked items).

Above are my buys!

Babycakes vanilla spelt cupcake: always good and the icing is amazing that I was scraping the bag for the icing that stuck to it
Sugar Sweet sexy red velvet: the cake is nice, but the icing is like real whipped cream and holds up perfectly the next day
Sugar Sweet goodie goodie: simple chocolate cake with light peanut butter icing

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