Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitty vs. Kitten

For two weeks, my sister's cat will be living with us. Her name: Dusty

But do not be fooled by her cuteness. She has stayed with us before and developed an arch-nemesis. Her name: Kitty

Kitty has been living in our house since 2004. She runs this place. So when Dusty decided to be adopted and travel from Philadelphia up to North Jersey for her mommy's winter break, Kitty was not happy.

They hated each other in the beginning and Dusty would stay upstairs and Kitty remained irked downstairs. Slowly, Dusty ventured downstairs and Kitty would hiss, but Dusty wouldn't care. Dusty would follow Kitty around, learning on how to be the cutest cat ever and Kitty would just roll her eyes and keep moving. But in the end, they learned to deal with each other.
But Dusty would soon return to Philadelphia for the start of the Spring semester and Kitty would rejoice and stroll around the house without fear that this other feline would not be too far off.

Three months would pass until Dusty would make a return. Kitty was stunned! Why? She meowed, she hissed, she gave looks that could kill and she also took to the web. For the next two weeks Kitty will be Twittering at The Sibyl Vain Twitter about her troubles not being the only cat.
(and yes, I have lost my mind in doing this, but it's fun)

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