Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coffee Coffee Coffee!!!

Coffee is amazing and the whole Keurig Machine is fantastic for us lazy people.

So now that I'm an environmental hipppie thanks to documentaries on Netflix, I'm becoming more aware of my plastic usage. The one thing I pointed out when we got the machine was how the k-cups were all plastic. I also was pissed feeling like now we're paying $1.00 per cup of coffee when you could get a pound of beans for the same price as a box of k-cups, but get a bunch more cups of coffee out of it.

But of course I didn't do anything to change things up except I stopped drinking coffee everyday. Not fun.

Then my mom buys a new brand of k-cups: San Francisco Bay Coffee. Just love and I'm actually drinking the Rainforest Blend, which is my favorite. Plus! It's a few dollars cheaper and what I love is the bottom half of the k-cup is a filter, not plastic. How cool!

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