Friday, November 4, 2011

The Cheg Diaries - Cup #2

Second cup of Eggnog Chai of the season!

I was kinda losing energy when I walked in and the young lad behind the counter got my 'I have a difficult drink disclaimer.' He kept smiling at me - or laughing at how weird my order sounded.

There was a cute scene guy talking at the drink pick up counter to the pretty young baristas making the drinks. They were all friends and in college. Wish I was back in college.

I listened to old school My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail driving today. It made me want to drunk text later that night this one guy who I still want to know why he never official asked me out. Fool. I really liked him.

City trip was in store and my friend and I split a bottle of wine. We got crepes after a delicious dinner.

Going to NYC again tomorrow, but not before celebrating my neice's birthday!

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