Monday, February 7, 2011

Grunge & Hair Metal...Here's Your Girl

I love Kelly Bundy and am inspired by that look and attitude she had. Christina Applegate is brilliant!

While her wardrobe was incredible when Married...with Children first came on the TV, I'm really drawn to what she was wearing like a year or two into the show. It was right before grunge was full-blown and where hair metal and grunge met for a one-night stand before becoming main stream.

I can't forget Peg Bundy and her outfits in the first two years, but that's another story - where pin-up meets glam metal.

So what's the point of all this?

Barrie Blau - photographer extraordinaire - sent me new images! I sent her clothing and she does what she wants. I don't ask questions.

Is it me or is there a little Madonna a la the "Like a Prayer" era being channelled?

photo - Barrie Blau
model - Porcelain
clothing - all Sibyl Vain : velvet crop top / velvet, spandex & leather tie-front tuxedo leggings

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