Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alesana & Motionless in White and some other band...Plus Interview Link

February 5, 2011
Starland Ballroom

So Escape the Fate did a headlining tour. Who cares - Alesana and Motionless in White opened!

I made it there JUST in time to see Motionless, however, I had problems getting in, but just as well - what else is new? Haha, so I made it inside to see two songs of theirs. Yay!

They've become a band I use to joke about because their look was so strong, so Hot Topic-core/goth, to a band that's something more. So kudos! I mean, I like the music, the stage show is very interesting and intense, so I'm happy they've been touring so much - though I've been missing the majority of the area shows.

I haven't missed Alesana though. Saw them a bit ago on the Two Frail Weeks of Vanity and Wax, where they were retiring their album of relatively the same name. So I was little upset this time around when none of those songs made it in the setlist - but I was warned!

Decent show overall. I was all the way in the back, so the sound was a little funky because the back bar has a little overhang and the sound echoes weird. But they did songs off The Emptiness basically and it was all dramatic and I love love love "The Thespian."

At least they come dressed to impressed - nice shirts, ties, slacks or jeans and well the drummer had shorts, so casual dressy basically. Love it.

Check out the interview I did with singer Shawn Milke from Alesana HERE

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Ramie Craders said...

Oh, Alesana! First thing that comes in my mind when I heard their name is their music video "Ambrosia". That video is cool and their front man's clean voice turns into a "monster", in a good way, when they start screaming. First thing that I noticed in their video "Ambrosia" is their clothing. It's like MCR's clothing on "Helena".