Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cheg Diaries - Cup #8

This one was from before heading over to the studio of Sumie Tachibana for a holiday trunk show. There was racks and tables of her designs and I was so upset because I adore her work, but am broke. There was also jewelry sellers, vintage glove dealer and an old student of Sumie's, was selling soap she and her mother make. I got the Lavendar scent and am excited to use it! There's also soap making classes and other sewing classes at the studio. I found info at Here

It was such a nice day seeing those lovely ladies and then went to this great restaurant - BANY - yum! Sushi. And as if I needed any more caffeine (again I would regret this later), went to this punk rock ultra-hipster coffee shop Sweet Leaf. The barista even made a leaf in the latte's foam. So cute!

Than was able to hit up Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet, though I didn't buy anything. No band shirts for me. But my friend bought records at Sound Fix across the way. That place reminds me so much of Skífan in Iceland.

Oh! And at Beacon's Closet, they were like doing a documentary of the place and interviewing people outside. The hipsters scared me. And it seemed yesterday was the day for everyone to be selling at these two thrift stores and the hopeful sellers scared me even more. haha

Back to work for the Philly Punk Rock Flea Market!

Still confused as to what the 'Cheg Diaries' are? Read my intro HERE

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