Thursday, June 9, 2011

So...Where was Johnny Depp?

Over the weekend, I was on hand for photoshoot featuring designs from my latest collection!

We shot around the town of Sleepy Hollow and it was so cool checking out (via the car window) the little town, orange & black street signs and the biggest cemetery I've ever seen.

Below are just three shots I took on my phone from the day. You can kind of see the outfits, but definitely can get a feel for where we were all at. We started out at this abandoned school. I wouldn't say it was really old, but totally got this vibe of 'Silent Hill' and thought that twisted janitor from the bathroom was going to come crawling out from the shadows and kill us.

We survived though!
Photographer was Brent Lee of Phun Photo, model was the lovely Alex and pulling out make up and hair magic was Adriana.

First look and location was in the greenhouse part of this school. Glass was EVERYWHERE! As well as those little red spiders/ants were everywhere.

Then we moved into the school...the first look was up in the attic of the place in this area that I don't even know what it was, but there were wheels, open roof and the model stood on a grate looking down to a really long drop. There was these like 'pens' all about...I said that's where they kept the students who needed to be reprimanded.

They also shot in the stairwell, but I was too busy laying down because my back started killing me! But we then got Applebees and recharged on the drive to the final location.

We got to this old building on the water and had a weird 'non-gay guido meeting' across the way from us. They were also trying to sneak a peek at our gorgeous model who was getting the ultimate drag-vamp make up job.

We shot three looks and this is the first. Won't tell you how they all got down to the little stream there, but doesn't she look like a glam metal version of Ariel after she became human?

Can't wait to get thses photos back!

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