Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fool's Gold Event & Fashion Show

Photos and extras are taking forever to come in from the recent event I did. So far I only have two professional shots in and I've posted them below.

I'm really excited for the festival we got over here in New Jersey - The Bamboozle. There's so many good bands this year. Last year was absolutely horrid and just a horrible time. So this year if some bitch decides to cut the 30minute line for water and throw an attitude, the fact I get to see Jared Leto, Senses Fail and Motley Crue in one weekend will make up for it.

I'm excited too because I wrote three articles for the magazine I write for that'll be on the festival grounds. Hopefully they'll all be used and I'm praying a photopass will get approved too.

Got plenty of shoots going on. Working with a lot of familiar faces and a bunch of new ones. I get like new photos in every week and they are so killer. I want to get a few more together from people and then I'll start posting them here.

The website has been up and running, but I'm still incredibly lazy in updating. Still check it out, I'm in love with this site - www.SibylVainClothing.com

Here's so photos from the fashion & art event I did two weeks ago

Me with the organizers of the event:

Me with some of my models (left to right) Forest, Caitlyn, Me, Leza & Renee

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