Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sneaker Collector

So, beginning of this summer my back decides to betray and I am basically unable to walk or go about my normal day. Things are so much better and it's sad to hear other stories from friends and my doctor how back problems are so common and there's a lot of people like me out there.

So for the summer, I am basically sworn to a life of wearing no heels. This may have to be broken for birthday festivities, but that's still up for debate.

This leaves me few options because I also have to be able to put an insole in my shoes and most flats I either step out of with it in or you can't get away wearing those strapy or open toe flats with an insole in the shoe.

I do live in my Converses, but when I'm told I can only wear one type of shoe, I start to realize how I really do live in my Cons and want to shake things up.

When they first hit stores, I picked up the sneaker creepers from the Jesse Jo line for Vans. I got the all black, but do wish I got the white & black ones.

Now, I caught wind of the next Vans collab collection for the fall. Do I really have to wait like three months for these?! Hellz Bellz' second collab with Vans are producing this glorious sneaker creepers and I must have them.

I'm starting to think I'm developing a sneaker fetish. Any other different/cute sneakers out there I should pick up?

( & for introducing me to these)

I think my sneaker fetish started with my desire to get every color of Vans' checkered classic flats. Or maybe with my purchase of my glorious T.U.K. sneaker creepers with Sid Vicious on them.

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