Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sibyl Vain at The SFX Party

The whole group! Me and all the lovely models that rocked the new collection at The SFX Party in NYC at R Bar. So gorgeous.

(left to right) Belinda, Erin Poland, Gigi Rose, Melissa Saurus Wrecks, Me, Angelana Jones, Mika Kenyah, Katrina RM and Niazja Blessed

And if you want more info on these gorgeous ladies, check out the fanpage and links are all around.

Above photos are by Mark Williams and the following were taken by the crazy Falling Down on the Random.

What also blew me away for the night was the stellar make-up by DiscoMakeupAire and...OMG. Amelia of A is for Arsenic did the most amazing pin-up hair and lent out jewelry for the night. STUNNING!

It was such a party and everyone had so much fun. It was probably the smoothest shows I've done. Usually I'm running around and going nuts, but this one ran like clockwork. Which made me a little nervous something bad was going to happen, but I think the worst was that I went home before 2am.

Above is Amelia (center) of A is for Arsenic!

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