Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cake Boss and Who?

Earlier this month, I got to be the designer for a fashion show put on by Mika of Sugar & Spikes Casting and Kitty Crystal the Tattoed Artist.

Look! That's them!

It was a crazy day because we got hit with a bad snow storm and made driving not fun, but cake waits for no man! Funny thing, the original filming date was supposed to be on a day when we also got a big storm.

It was rush rush time fitting models and being selfish so I could get my hair and makeup done, haha. It was intense watching Kitty do the special effects makeup on the models. They got 'Walking Dead-afied.' And what was also just amazing was that Ashley from Cake Boss/Next Great Baker was a model for me. Whoa.

Once production gave us a 20 minute heads up, I started freaking out. We walked over to an unconventional runway and waited for the cue. The audience was not disappointed by the models and did I mention the most amazing cake that was brought? Can't tell you about it except that Mika and Kitty had a big part in it!

Not too sure when the episode will air - I think after the summer. Sucks waiting, but gives more time to plan a huge viewing party!

photo by Corey Cordobes. Gigi Rose, Areana, Me, Millz Marley and my assistant Connie!

Models of the day - Blessed, Nyx, Chelli, Erin Poland, Tiff Roma, Emilia, Karina, Millz Marley, Areana, Gigi Rose, Ashley Holt

Make up - Devin Dollface Alexis

Hair - Kristina Taskova and Gloria Espinoza

photo by Marvin Jackson. Finally got to enjoy cake from Carlo's Bakery!

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