Wednesday, February 20, 2013

March Music

It's been a long time since I was excited over new music. Even when Blaqk Audio's 'Bright Black Heaven' came out, I didn't buy it and still haven't listened to it.

But I'm back and ready to plunge headfirst into the land of new music. The other week I went to the Whitechapel/Emmure NYC show and wanted to cry over how it feels as though I abandoned my first love and the one big high in my life. I haven't been writing for the one music publication or been in a photo pit in forever. Breaks my heart. I got caught up living a life that took all my ambition and energy away from work. My mind is clear and I know now I can manage the clothing line, random costuming gigs and music journalism.

So with that little motivational rant out of the way...

March I am DYING for new IAMX and Senses Fail. Both groups have tour dates for April and May and I'm about to buy tickets (or maybe get listed which would be awesome). Not sure if IAMX has any previews available, but I'm really scared with the first single "Mi Amor" from Senses Fail. It opens hard and hope the rest of the album is in that direction, but the chrous/hook is odd from them. Sounds like all the 'silly metalcore/post-hardcore AP Mag bands of the moment.' I've heard people comment they don't like how it's over-produced, I just feel it's trying to appeal to younger fans and therefore, making it not Senses Fail.

Well, we'll just have to wait for the end of March to hear things.

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