Thursday, June 20, 2013

Birthday Blogs!

Today not only marks a month until my birthday, but is also the summer solstice. Hoping new change is afoot. Well...make that more change!

I've mentioned in the past that I hit a really rough patch that I was having a difficult time getting through. In a quest for inner peace, (which sounds corny I know) I think I've finally have come to terms with moving on and unknowingly, made myself a pretty big credit card bill - ouch. But all the new pretties I've bought are worth it to decorate the home and wardrobe with new life.

What I really hoped for was new change and it's true - when it rains, it pours. Once I was OK and ready to move on, all these opportunities came my way on the job front, clothing line and social life.

Here's the first entry of a 'blog a day' month-long path to another birthday. So, there's the Tattoo Convention coming up, which is noted in the previous blog entry and I will be showing at events in July and am sitting on something big to announce later on in the summer.

But coming up soon is the Cake Boss episode 'Glow in the Dark Cake' that Mika of Sugar & Spikes Casting and Kitty 'The Tattooed Artist' are featured on and had asked me to dress lovely models for a fashion show. I even got to dress Ashley Holt, Next Great Baker and one of Buddy's pastry artist, who is a killer model herself.

Monday, June 24th at 9pm on TLC! Cake Boss featuring Sugar & Spikes ladies and Sibyl Vain Clothing!

And sip on my new favorite summer drink - cran-pom juice with lime seltzer and fresh orange juice ice cubes! Put it in a nice glass to feel fancy.

And here's what I think is my summer anthem...

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