Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pop World

Did my lord Davey Havok write a book? And it's coming out the beginning of April? I guess so.

Love him and am interested to know what the hell he decided to write a book about. Sounds like it will either be super glossy and tried too hard picture book or a decent project. I'm going to go with the latter.

Yay! This week started off like it was the end of the world for me. To quote Taking Back Sunday - "So sick, so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick." Ever get caught up with everyone around you telling you a different story about things that finally you're not the crazy one - everyone else is! I'm done being driven insane and so, had the most insane week ever!

After a mild breakdown, I regrouped and took a step by applying for a couple jobs. Next day, met a legend in the rock and roll hair/make-up world and after went for an amazing meal at Max Brenner with the best company ever. Wednesday, I got called for an interview and then that night I went with Ms. Mika of Sugar & Spikes to an SFX event featuring Cherie Lily!

I LOVE her! So fun, great performance and I got to say hi. I'm such a dork and usually never go up to artists, but Mika pulled me over, got a fun picture and her EP! Make sure you check out her music. Especially if you're looking for new work out tunes. Fun night and we knew so many people there - I'm always so surprised when people remember me, because I have that weird memory for faces and names, so it throws me when I find others that do too.

Went for the interview - GOT IT!!! So now I start next week at the cutest boutique in NYC. Also bought a lot of fabric...because things are back on and I need to be making outfits for zombie models!

Last night went to a bunch of bars after an event we tried going to, but was closing down (or whatever, if people are going to be all 'guestlist is closed,' I could give a shit and don't bother pushing to get in even when people before us just entered). I'm going to make a seperate blog on those places. Now more friend time this weekend. It never ends! I love it.

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