Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My NYC Reality

Last night I ventured to the city for dinner and shockingly tried a new restaurant! I usually drive into the city and I feel like I'm in a video game when I'm driving on lanes with barely there lines and cab drivers driving like maniacs.

One part of my trip that's super important is what's on my car's radio. A song changes your mood, makes you recall different images you associate with it and can also make you feel as though you're in your own little movie.

This song came on right as I was trying to get through the Chinatown/Canal Street area. All I could think of was obviously the 70's and tough times. So in my mind, everyone was wearing bellbottoms, had horrible hair and wait a minute...that's exactly what I saw! Stupid hipster fashion...


We went to The Stanton Social Club. While it was SO good...spent WAY too much. But lobster rolls, crabcake corn dogs, the oddest drink that was pretty damn good and tons more...totally worth it.

I was hoping to hit up Babycakes, but they close early on Mondays - UGH! So my friend suggested a place she goes to, Suger Sweet Sunshine. This place is super cute. I loved that the one cupcake name is 'Bob.' However, I stuck with the 'Sunshine' and 'Sexy Red Velvet.' The sunshine tastes just like the homemade vanilla cupcakes my neighbor makes, but the icing on the red velvet is BANANAS! Not bananas as in the fruit, but bananas as in whipped cream and yummy goodness.

All I could think about on my ride home was eating the cupcakes. Then the intro/chorus to this song came on...

Now NYC turned into '90s hip hop. A la a Jay-z video from back in the day.

It's my delusion and you're just living in it!

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