Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NYC Day - Thrifty and Iron Maiden

Yesterday was a good NYC trip. I got to pick up clothing from the lovely Mika of Sugar & Spikes. It was cool too because where we met was right by the ABC Studios and I got to see the news crew setting up.

Then I made my way to Brooklyn to kill time by shopping. I begun at the Hipster Mecca - Beacon's Closet. I started there because you have to check your other shopping bags and figured I would be buying stuff at other stores. Thank God it wasn't crowded and I twirled around all the racks and saw a few Betsey Johnson dresses.

Being I was 20 pounds too big for any of the dresses, I opted for a grungey Iron Maiden shirt that I hope to revamp. Then at the register there was a ton of Betsey Johnson jewelry. I just wanted the braclet, but the sales girl didn't want to separate it from the matching necklace. I'm such a sucker. But the more I look at it, I feel like its a bootleg! Haha. Still really pretty though.

I hit up Buffalo Exchange, which is the best, but I was out of luck for any cool finds. I also had a coughing fit and had to run out before I finished looking through all the t-shirts. That also meant I had to skip roaming through Junk (yes that's the name of the store) right below Buffalo and seeing what's up with this Monk Vintage right above.

Had an awesome dinner at Inoteca in the LES, managed not to break down in a puddle of tears and a broken heart finding out about a certain engagement and then chatting with my other friend about Japan, dreams and research papers.

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