Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thom Browne - My New Idol

I've seen collections by Thom Browne before, but they never really clicked with. Then I came across his Fall 2012 Menswear Collection via

Holy shit. It's brilliant.

It's like everthing in fashion has been done before and moving forward, we're playing with shapes and proportions. Thom Browne hits it dead on. Let the images speak for themselves.

I just love the crazy football player/Herman Munster proportions looks. It's smart, out there and yet disturbs me every time I look at it.

Even more, I ventured over to his website and he has a few of his collection presentations videos posted and it's incredible. It's right alongside what McQueen and Galliano did and Browne is American - not that it's inconceivable an American can pull it off, but who else is doing shows like this that kind of have a 'fuck you' underneath all the high fashion snobbery?

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