Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Kick Off

Had the first photoshoot of 2012 with the photographer who I did my first ever photoshoot with - Creepshow Photography.

We had Jezzter and Sarah Strange Wings playing the parts of stunning models, Miranda Zip doing make-up and I even had my assistant Miss Connie on set to help! It was quite a fun time and on top of that...we were celebrating Creepshow's Birthday!

It was such a fun time and I always love how Julie Creepshow directs models. Plus Sarah and Jezzter blew me away with their posing (I was in love with the first look we did) and Miranda surprised me with glitter lips and dramatic eyes.

We did the first (shown above) at this abandon building we randomly found. We decided it must have been a school. But I started getting freaked out and stood by every opened window in case a ghost or vagabond appeared and I had to make a fast escape - I felt bad, but I was only concerned about my escape and not the others, haha. It was pretty creepy and we even found an animal skull.

We went back to home base and dressed the girls up like hipster party girls - night and day and you're going to love it!

Lastly after a pizza party, little black dresses were worn and Jezzter was a 50-foot bendable woman and Sarah became a guitar goddess.

I can't wait to get back more images and show them off. There'll be lots more updating too. The holidays killed me and then I was under attack by a mild cold that for some reason sucked the life out of me.

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