Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wait. What Day Is It?

Things have been SUPER busy! Which is wonderful on one hand, but annoying on the other. I feel I rather be just 'go go go, deadline deadline deadline, sew sew sew!' than waiting around, searching for new projects and having breathing room to make things and not be rushed. I work better with deadlines than setting my own.

This past week, well no, hell! Since December started, there's been so much going on! I'm back in the swing of photoshoots, trying to update the online store more, going after new vending events, writing a bunch more and well, trying to also have a social life, haha.

There was a family party over the weekend, which was lovely. I come from a very small family, so we've 'adopted' close family friends and sometimes that's all you need in life. Then this week, things took off. I had to focus and make a few things for shoots, schedule drop offs, two interviews, my normal work day, there's a private screening tonight I'm attending, volunteering tomorrow, D.R.U.G.S. hopefully on Saturday and then off on Sunday to Philadelphia for a photoshoot with ladies from Reflections 2011.

Yesterday I got to work and honestly told my manager I felt weird coming in because I didn't believe it was Wednesday. If you didn't know me, you would think I was on something - which is furthest from the truth. I'm now finally religiously using my phone's calendar - which leaves me in a time and space limbo, never knowing where or when it is and just waking up, looking at my phone and letting it tell me where I need to be that day.

Part of me still hates technology and prefer writing things down. But carrying around a paper calendar/date book is annoying. I found this website that shows off Snoopy collectibles and I wish they had journals and diaries for sale, but I didn't see any. If you're obsessed with Peants check this site out: Peanuts Collectibles

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