Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Language - NYC Parking Signs

This is the death of me - how to read above sign. There are so many of these around the city! I was going to park in them the other day when my sister was fabric shopping and I got stuck driving around until she was done. I was going to parking in one today, but THANK GOD I did some research online - BECAUSE I CAN'T!

Turns out when I thought you could park during the mentioned time for standing by commercial vehicles, you can't. I thought you just have to Muni Meter pay, but that's for the commercial vehicles. I need to do a pick up today and wanted my car right there to put the stuff away, but now - nope. I can't put it in a garage b/c they don't let you come back to drop things off. So looks like I have to park legally at a muni-meter in Union Square then subway it up to Midtown and then back to Downtown. Erf.

That's it for rambling! So Downtown, Subway, Midtown, Subway, Car, Brooklyn for shopping, LES then FOOD!

If anyone knows different, would love to hear. Wish me luck!

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