Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What the...

It took me forever to listen to the new single from My Chemical Romance.

I'm a long time fan, blame it on my sister, I'm from Jersey and yea, how could I not be into them?

So I first saw the video with the full song and the lyrics included like a Disney sing a long. Not ammused at all. Really guys? REALLY?! What is this - though I couldn't stop singing it for like the rest of the night.

Now I finally see the short video/ad for the upcoming album with this song as the background.

I'm still not gaga for the song, but speaking of...this clip is like My Chem in the "Telephone" Lady Gaga video. Ugh! Not them too!?

But I like the clothing, unfortunately it's going to be another concept album and not something more like their orginal stuff, so we'll see. And hey, Mikey and Frank are still cutie patooties. haha!

Ok, seriously - why the hell does Kat Von D's hair look different in every single scene?! It's gotta be a wig, but does it change color too?

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