Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh La La! Musical Boys

Last minute, I was whisked away somewhere close to the city for I didn't know exactly what.

My friend's friend's brother played a cute set with his band I Am Fighting.

It was an acoustic set, so you got this wholesome, prettyboy pop-rock going on. Also because of this, the attendee up-front and dead center was their drummer, who couldn't play that night...

If you're in the mood for pop-rock/power pop good tunes...check them out! Plus, I hear they're opening up for a teen heart throb aroun dhere in Jersey sometime soon.

Second part of this post -

They were one of the bands that played that night for the grand opening of this new coffee cafe/scene gathering place that opened in Lyndhurst (New Jersey if you didn't know). I have to go back and check it out again because the one girl with us went to order coffee and all they had was straight up coffee and tea - I really wanted a latte or something.

But as I was looking around at the framed show posters...I put two and two together. This venue is from the same people of Mainstage, which was out in Pompton Lakes - they did a lot more, but I'm not the official biographer.

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