Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Play with Make Up!

Do I look like a drag queen now? I aspire to.

Getting ready for Halloween weekend next week - I didn't this year for my birthday have a marathon celebration, so I think I'm turning Halloween into a marathon celebration. I got Saturday down, but what to do Thursday & Friday?

I going to be Kat Von D one of the days! I did my eyes different, so don't think I'm crazy or anything.

I was SO in awe over the artist on LA Ink tonight - the mural he did, OMG! It was just amazing and how perfectly he captured facial expressions was so impressive.

I forget what's on the menu for next week with that show, but I really want Ruthless at the other shop fired. She probably was casted to cause drama and act like a bitch to Amy. Casted just like Aubrey and did anyone else see Angel from Tough Love 2 on the show last week? She's cool though, not Aubrey.

Getting back in the swing of writing - two interviews this week! One was today and the other is Friday. Can't wait for all the shows in November!

Plus I'm getting back in the swing of something else...SELLING THINGS! We're taking photos of items to list this weekend, so get ready!

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