Monday, October 18, 2010

I Went Where?

Oh yea...I hung out with the cool kids last night at the Suicide Silence / Mychildren Mybride / The Tony Danza Tap Dancing Extravaganza / Molotov Solution show at Starland Ballroom.

There were seven bands on the bill and I knew that 5:30 doors was not going to be early enough - even arriving at 8pm, I walked in with 4 1/2 bands to go and I forgot my earplugs.

It turned out to be a good night though - cool people to hang out with and make fun of the crowd, not a sold out show, but the floor was full and a good amount of people at the back bar.

Molotov Solution was good, though I don't really remember much else about them. I've been dying to see Tony Danza... just b/c the name is rad as hell, but it's definitely 'guy's only' music. Mychildren Mybride REALLY got my attention and hello, their one guitarist was cute and the bassist was Asian (I like them kind of boys).

Seriously though, great performance and the music was a bit more girl-friendly, so I got into it, with those small melodic moments and it wasn't just 'rawr rawr rawr!'

Suicide Silence cracked me up. I love this shit!

After MCMB's set, it was like a mass exodus out the venue, which I thought was strange, but I guess the kiddies needed fresh air, merch or smoke a cig b/c they're 'so cool.' The majority of the kids came back for Suicide, but I was surprised that quite a handful left. Hm.

The singer of Suicide is crazy - it's like his mouth doesn't even move and he's with the pterodactyl screams and then switches to the growling and yea. But I noticed, he had the audience sing a lot - I guess someone can't do both live, haha. I honestly really don't know what was up with that b/c I really don't know their music.

It was an hour set and I was kinda done after half an hour, but I stuck it out and decided upon finding my own super tall, really skinny, covered in tatoos, some-kind-of-core band's screamer to kidnap. Or become friends with, whatever comes first.

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