Sunday, October 24, 2010


Had a shoot over this weekend. It was kind of last minute, but everything came together in the end and the two 'quick edit' photos I've gotten are crazy awesome.

My main model Megan was on set (and she even beat me to the studio!) and we had Cassie of CT Make Up Artistry doing hair & make up.

A second model for the day didn't happen, but we turned someone else on set into a punk rock superhero - those pictures will happen later.

model: Megan McGill

mua/hair: CT Make Up Artistry

photo: Drop Photography (use to be Scott Mack, but he changed it on us) lighting bolt shrug, red metallic crop top, hole-ly leggings; pin cushion red pvc bustier, velvet leggings

Totally watching Jeeper Creepers 2 right now. Just because you get Justin Long to cameo in it, does not make it a good movie. WTF is this?

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