Monday, October 11, 2010

Tailored sheets...

Oops! Wrong project involving Jonny Craig.

Let's talk his solo project. Last Sunday, ending two crazy, music-filled weekends, my sister and I checked out Jonny Craig at School of Rock doing what he does best - sing while having throat problems.

His voice is always to die for, but I swear! This boy always has a sore throat or something every time I see him perform.

We thought we were going to just make it for him, but nope. Caught the end of Fight Fair (cute pop-rock who tried being tougher than they were) and also Mod Sun, who has been in other bands (one being Scary Kids Scaring Kids) and came at us with hip hop/techno beats. While I tried so hard not to like this kid, I wound up getting sucked in and if he's ever on another tour, I'll be sure to catch his set.

However, he must has mentioned how Jonny is up next about a hundred times.

Jonny Craig was awesome - it never seems like he is singing b/c it's like he barely opens his mouth and this ferocious sound just come barreling out. Amazing!

And what's this I hear about him singing on the next Dance Gavin Dance album? WHOA!

There's so many more concerts to come for the fall, I'm stoked AND I'm just jumping back in a getting in on interviews. I might be interviewing (again) one of my favorite bands that I did a blah job last time, but here's the chance to redeem myself.

OMG! Just saw the first edited photo from the shoot I did over the weekend! DIES!!!

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