Friday, October 15, 2010

So I AM Normal!

I found this really interesting article about "26 being the new 18" and since I'm sorta, almost, kinda in a few at that age...definitely had to read this.

They presented how it's harder for teens to transition into young adulthood and soon after, become independent adults nowadays due to the economy, parents babying teens even more than with past generations and with insurance being extended to 26 on parents' plans and also with people getting married later.

So here I think, sitting as a college graduate, living back home, shopping for a husband...I mean looking at America's youngest billionaires online (haha) and come across this article.

Really valid point that also relates to something I read a year ago about the 'hipster movement' where those damn hippies live off their 'trust funds/savings' and become 'artists', wearing thrift wears, drinking crappy beer, complaining about not making money, but living in $3000/month apartments with Whole Foods stocked fridges.

Sorry, I hate the hipsters.

But also, we're at a point where this world is so fucked up that a lot of these people grew up, seeing the downward spiral of the economy and you know what? Maybe they realize it's going to suck one way or another, so why settle for some dumbass, boring office job that will support you, but ultimately steal your soul?

Maybe it's time for the 20-somethings to take advantage of that old phrase 'You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up' and that's why during the process and after obtaining a college diploma, we're out to not be a part of corporate America.

And that's cool. I mean, some days I wish I could have a really nice job with the cutest apartment (like my one good friend), but then others I'm caught in this make believe world where we dress up and pretend everday (like Lady Gaga).

However...there's so many independent companies it seems nowadays, which I know some people think it brings people of the scene together, but really it's just us being how we've always been - selfish, in it for ourselves and striving for some larger corporation to buy us out and make a nice profit off it.

Yea. Where the hell did that come from?

Ohhh....Lil' Kim's "Crush On You" video just came on VH1 Soul - that was back in 1997 and I still remember the lyrics and still think it's an awesome video with the all the color vingettes and I still protest - it's BLUE NOT PURPLE!

omg! Now Isis featuring Jada Kiss? Hip hop, R&B, rap and all that good stuff will always have my heart...

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