Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Me Away from Punknews!

Haha, I love that site.

It's just that's one of the sites I scan in preparation for interviews and it's that time again...

So I'm looking up on a band and the comments totally put them down like 'whoa' in regards to the line-up of their current tour. I saw them once or twice and remembered their set won me over and was pretty damn cool.

It was like all the late twenty-somethings on that damn site are complaining about how one of their 'man crush' bands got on the bill and so I FINALLY check out this band they're in love with...Polar Bear Club. Long time coming b/c it's damn good.

But what is it with boys and only liking music where the lead singer sounds like an older dude who's smoked a bunch and comes across as the dude you kick back a few beers with talking about nonsense?

haha - It's music like Against Me!, Hot Water Music, Four Year Strong...oh wait, Against Me! are now 'sell outs' for some reason and I think FYS are appealing too much to the younger crowd, so they suck too. But you get the type of bands I'm talking about.

(For the record...I enjoy any of those bands listed above, but that's basically the shit I read about them).

Back to setting up shoots and researching and I think I'll revisit Street Dogs. I'm a little scared though, going to a Suicide Silence show this weekend - what did I get myself into?

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