Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OMG! Shoes!

...and boys!

Yes! My male model count is going up, up , up! Check the photo below out!

But even more importantly is the lady on the right, Nori Zay, who is like kickass model big time - like, Tyra Banks? Yea, you gotta watch your back.

Super excited b/c looks like I'll be getting a photo pass for Warped Tour - yes! I did Mayhem Festival last year, but I've never took photos at Warped or even paid attention to photographers, so I'm a bit nervous as how it'll go.

It's fun - it's a hobby for me and my camera is a base model, but I think I do well. Find me on Facebook or Myspace and check out what I've done.

So busy week, busy month, busy year! Anyone else out there going to Warped? I'm still on the fence about Mayhem :(

Models - Cheeks & Nori Zay
Photo - S.H. Photo
Clothing -
on him: shirt, model's own. pants, Sibyl Vain re-vamped vintage leather pants
on her: Sibyl Vain blue metallic jacket, hologram leotard, silver metallic bow gloves. shoes, dunno but want them!

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