Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Down, Two to Go!

The first huge thing of the summer - photoshoot for Alt Noir was today.

HOLY COW was it EPIC!!!

I don't know how I'm going to make it till the issue comes out in the fall.

Oh wait! Yes I do -

Two fashion shows! Yea, I'm insane.

I had a bit of a rude awakening I guess you can say this past week. It made me think about what I want to do in life and where I want to go and I'm pretty damn sure I blew an amazing chance at a job that would benefit my time management with sewing (allowing me to keep and maintain it as my artistic outlet) and thus having a real job that like would be awesome.

Live and learn I guess - maybe I have to keep reminding myself maybe it was for the best?

Who knows. I'm just excited to have things focused on the shows now. LOTS of work.

The work week begins again - two part-time jobs - crazy! Things never slow down.

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