Saturday, July 17, 2010

Warped Tour! Dude!

My sister and I conquered Warped Tour yesterday in Camden. It was awesome - really REALLY hot, but awesome.

Yes, we got there late - I came from North Jersey, so...

We missed Alesana, I See Stars and Enter Shikari, but we've seen them before and we'll see them again - would have been fun though.

I was lucky and had a photo pass for the day, but kept missing that timeframe of 'the first three songs' to jump in the pit and my camera isn't sweet enough to really capture everything from in the crowd. I got some cool shots though, just gotta edit.

To start we saw Four Year Strong, who had some technical difficulties, but it worked out and then we headed over for Mike Posner. He's fun and later when he was signing at his booth, I joked this is the closest I'll get to Justin Timberlake. So cute.

The day was spent mostly just walking around chilling. Emarosa was AMAZING! They only played like five songs, so it felt super short, but so good.

All the bands like Motion City Soundtrack, We the Kings and Summer Set were all cute, Warped standards that were fun, but I think I'm a bit too old to really enjoy, haha.

Riverboat Gamblers and The Casualties were great. Seriously, just great and made Warped. Especially Riverboat Gamblers, who I haven't seen in years - just, what Warped SHOULD be.

Ended on In Fear and Faith, who got better since last I saw them and older...haha, I thought they were teens last year when we saw them, but nope. They are older. Last was Sum 41, who were so 'meh.' The singer had people come up on stage halfway through the first song, so I was like 'fuck this...' and left the photo pit. Oh wells.

Funny - we get screwed over in leaving the parking lot and had to sit and wait for about 30 minutes. Who walks by to get to their bus? Sum 41. Apparently the singer is now dating one of the scene queens who bounces from band member to the next. Can't hate, I would love to do that too, but you know she does it to 'further' her 'career.' umm...yea.

People this year were pretty cool. There weren't any like really rad, showman performers, but good music. Pretty sure we were listening to Flatfoot 56 while waiting for traffic to move - they were good.

I'm going to in addition to some photos, I always love the bands that walk around and ask you to listen to their cd players. I don't, b/c those earphone creep me out. But I took a few fliers and there's a few bands I didn't mention above or I missed and wanted to check out that I'm going to like 'review' in the upcoming weeks. Check it!

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