Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I want Rockabilly hair!

Rockabilly, pin-up, Bettie Page, whatever you call it...I'm bringing a picture of Patricia Day (from The Horrorpops) to my hair dresser. And if it then brings me a dude like Nekroman, well so be it!

(found over on The Horrorpops' Myspace)

Today I went to the most-mega Wholefoods ever. Like there's no pre-packaged food (ok there is, but it's like hard to find and just in the one section between the household cleaners and beauty products). But serioulsy, the amount of hot food, fresh produce and liquor...whoa.

They seriously had more beer than the wine store I go to. I wanted to build a fort in the wine section and hide there and then eat all the prepared foods and raspberries while no one was there.

I made it out and just wished they had Jamba Juice - they had everything else.

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