Thursday, July 29, 2010

Really Project Runway?

Anyone else think that the McKell chick shouldn't have been thrown off?

I thought her dress was cute - I don't see a photo up on the website yet of it - but there were like three other people who should have gone home before her.

So a little letter to why I feel this girl was sent home:

Dear Heidi Klum,

You are Heidi Klum, super model & Victoria Secret model. You were, are and always will be that and gorgeous. But unfortunately you feel the need to eliminate every remotely pretty girl from your show. I still am not over how you threw off Alison from season something beause her outfit made her model look like a 'fat minnie mouse' when obviously it should have been the retard-o older guy thrown off. It only just goes to show no matter how beautiful and successful you are, people can still be insecure to hate on pretty girls. Plus, just because you've been a model for your whole life, doesn't mean you undertand design.


Being a model does not mean you understand fashion design just as being a designer you are automatically a stylist.

Now it's on to watching the replay of Jersey Shore. I'm laughing my ass off! It's sad to see people act are retarded as you know they do, but I watch and thus, it will live on.

I'm a real Jersey girl - I still don't get how people who don't even live in New Jersey (I think one or two of them do) are like my state's representatives.

And the Anglina chick...why would MTV resign her? I mean she walked out on the first season and her punishment should be her regret of not sticking with it - sad she wants back AFTER the success of the first season. And did she bang Pauly D? Is that what he said?

I need my own reality show or something.

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