Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barrie Blau is a god!!!!

I'll have two other shots to add to my list of why Barrie rocks, but here's two I don't even think she posted.

I sent her a box of goodies and then she surprises me with a stunning shot of Jordan Supernavage, who has like no make up on and is freakin' stunning as hell in one a black faux snakeskin Minxy dress. WHOA!

So yea, back to work I go. I really need to do a video blog.

It's still awkward driving my new car, but got to drive down to Philly-ish area this weekend, so I guess that'll break it in.

And I'm waiting on all the specific details and flyers, but keep updated - - fashion show in August! Knitting Factory on August 19th - stoked!

It'll be my first time at the new location of Knitting, I honestly wasn't aware of when they first moved, but I realized it about a year after and was so bummed. I can't even count how many times my sister and I went to the Leonard Street location. That place rocked and probably beat out Starland Ballroom as most visited venue for us. ::cries!::

Barrie Blau Photography
Jordan Supernavage...more like 'Super-modelin-avage'...yea!

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