Sunday, November 7, 2010

::Intro to Downfall of Us All::

I don't know excatly how you write the 'duh duh duh da' part, so hum it to yourself.

I totally am out of the loop! Or I just forget really easily. A Day to Remember has a new album coming out soon? Shut up! I probably could get an advance or unfortunately find it downloadable somewhere. But I'll wait till my sister buys her copy or they post it on Myspace to hear it.

They also did this series to go alongside the upcoming album "What Seperates Me From You." So I guess you buy the new album and you get the final episode of the series - bands are getting smarter with getting you to buy their albums. Good! I just bought two new CDs yesterday.

Need to get back into beefing up my vinyl collection though.

Here's the episode I caught

OMG! UGH! I am SO pissed off right now - I got really busy in October that I lost track of the CMJ Marathon and guess who was there? Dead to Me! I have been waiting years to see them. Break my heart and the line-up they were on would have been amazing to check out. I'm really bummed...


Anyways -

Caught The Summer Set last week. Saw them on Warped this year and it was cute, good times. Plus, I got to be an honorary mom again. Cute show, especially at the end when they had everyone (well the majority of the crowd) sit and have an acoustic sing-a-long.

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