Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I missed them at Warped Tour this year! to stalk them when they played at School of Rock. woo!

They played mainly the older stuff. So being lazy, I'm not going to go and look to see if they were touring only on older material. But I know I'm right and they did just release a new album like earlier this year.

Ok, anyways.

I was happy because I knew most of the songs and it was the same ol'show I expected and find entertaining. Frontman Dennis rolling around, screaming his head off and the crowd loving it. Then singer Shawn singing like a diva. And we can't forget typical faux-core/screamo stage moves with pre-crabcore unison dancing. I guess that's a good way of saying it.

But I will give it to them that the music sounded just as it does on their records (or they were pulling an Ashley Simpson) and the response from the crowd was just love.

However! "Seduction" was not played - unacceptable.

Fun times and I didn't steal their drummer, so I am free to attend future shows.

What's this? They're touring in the early Spring with Motionless in White? Count me in!

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Sue Mattson said...

I'm one of the big fans of Alesana. I hope this year, they're gonna have a concert tour here in Bay Area. Every year, our school prepares a soiree to welcome the freshmen. I'm one of the people who have handled the soiree last year. We've hired tent rentals. Bay Area, luckily has a lot of affordable (Bay Area) tent rentals, so we were worry free about finding tents. Some bands performed on that party. They're good, but I think it is better that there's a screamo band who will perform on that soiree. I hope there's a chance that they will rock our school soon.