Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quickie Update

My schedule is BOOKED! It's like one thing after another...and this is nothing compared to what things hopefully one day will be.

Two articles due tomorrow. Then we move on to find story ideas. Shoot Sunday.

But most importantly - my one sister is in town for the weekend with her darling little girls (got to see another sister and her darlings last weekend - it's a tri-state thing). Then there's a most important hang out with friends hopefully going down.

Did I mention having to make one or two things for the shoot? Shh! Don't tell Miss Barrie Blau or Kami!

News to post, but I'll do it tomorrow or Saturday.

Lesson of the week:

Out of boredom comes insanity, stupidness & creating things that aren't there. If only people knew the soap opera that is going through my head.

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