Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Damn Straight.

Finally got to listen to the new Senses Fail album, The Fire.

It's OK. It did take me a bit to really get into the last album and The Fire feels like a great continuation of the previous. I was interested to hear any differences in the sound because guitarist Heath left - I'm assuming it was before the record got started.

Not too much seems different, but I only listened to the album twice and via Myspace. Really feeling "Lifeboats."

Then I find on PunkNews this video. It's my boyfriend...I mean the it's the singer of Senses Faill talking about pop-rock boy bands and it's pretty interesting. (note me being funny)

I mean, you can say that lyrically, Senses Fail provides deeper topics, with real problems and I can say that I'm defintely one of the fans that connect with A LOT of the songs and yea, they've helped me through tough times.

Whereas bands like All Time Low, what really is the meaning in their songs? Most people do agree it's music you can just write off as pop-rock that'll just fade. But I also would beg to differ that NSync was meaningless bubblegum pop, BUT it also had the power to make a difference. I listened to that music during hard times and while the lyrics kind of mean nothing, it was music to get me away.

So yea. Even when music sucks, it still can make a difference.

On a side note - LA Ink is over for the season. I really think Jesse James and Kat should have been smart and not had him go to her gallery opening. She seemed so pissed over the press asking her questions about him - well duh! He's right there. If he really cared, he would have said like 'It's your night, I want to be there, but with what is going on with me, I don't want to bring negative attention.'

Or go through the back door!

Jeffree Star looked fabulous! Really sucks his New Jersey tour date was cancelled. I think I know why - boooo....

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