Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almost Here!

Just about a week away is the Reflections Art & Fashion event. SOOOOOO much stuff I need to get together - I feel really behind this summer, but it was kinda a stressful/depressing summer.

Anyways! for more information on everything and how you can buy tickets beforehand, what to expect and more.

Of course my clothing line is always number one in my heart, but I've been really bummed I haven't written for the magazine I write for in about two months - ouch. I'm looking ahead though to all the great concerts coming up in the fall - free tickets! haha

But now at my day job, they're slowly making me a telemarketer. What the...
I'm just such a spaz on the phone, I stumble over my words like whoa - I guess that's why all my interviews had to be scripted, which was a complaint I received from a couple people helping me become better in my writing.

I'll leave you with another killer image from Tiffany Ann Photography, featuring Chloe Von Creepy (who is also going to be at Reflections!). More from Tiffany Ann with Trailer Darling & Miss Mischief modeling.

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