Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reflections 2010! Pt. 1


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OK! My collection shown at Reflections was inspired by sideshow and circus acts. Each look was a particular character and my interpretation of them. Check out the photos below.

I'm going around stealing photos and waiting for more - I really wish I had enlisted my one friend to take photos with my camera. Oh wells...

SO much happened at Reflections 2010, held at Polaris nightclub in Philadelphia. It's crazy how you go in, thinking there's like 8 hours till your show takes the stage and you can kick back and slowly get things together and then it's like BAM! 30 minutes before the models take the stage.

Got there after lunchtime, went and got food, started setting up then it was like - hurdles popped up, got caught in conversations, went back and forth with what outfit each model should wear...that my friend is how 2pm quickly becomes 8pm.

It was cool because there was artwork being displayed and me and the main woman behind the event, Rebecca Marchand, are big AFI freaks and there was AFI-related pieces that put a smile on my face.

This is Part 1 of the my Reflections experience and I guess, I'm going to start with the end result - it was awesome! If you missed it, you suck.

I did leave around midnight, which is when the real fun began, but a 2 hour drive back home was not something I wanted to tackle at 2am on 5 hours of sleep.

I'll end with images. So far it's all I've found and are super awesome. This photographer shot Reflections last year and his images were my favorite of the bunch and this year was no different.

Photos by Jason Hyde (www.JasonHyde.net)

Vika Noxx as the Lobster Girl
leotard with red metallic accents, tulle tail and red metallic lobster mittens

Sqeak Machine as an Artsy Clown
wet-look spandex backless leotard with fishnet thigh highs

Brian Ross as the Carney
black & red baseball shirt (I cheated and didn't make the jeans or wifebeater, haha)

Ashleigh as the Tight-Rope Walker
red metallic crop top, monster tutu (belt not by me)

Ana X as the Geek (she ate some blackbirds before they went in the pie)
red & black flapper leotard

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