Monday, September 27, 2010

Too much sleep = werid ass dreams

Last night I had a dream that combined my day job and high school into one big maze and then I started speaking Spanish and French - what was going on there?!

That's what you get for sleeping for 12 hours.

This weekend I provided half of the wardrobe for a music video. So cool and I might be able to post behind the scenes photos soon.

I'm getting ready to get items listed in my Etsy - it's just such a daunting task b/c I have SO many things accumulating in my stock over the past year and I just want to get rid of them - I might do like a 'Buy one, Get one half off' or something.

I'm also looking forward to the CMJ Music Marathon this year. I'll probably be heading out to a few shows. It's just driving me crazy b/c I want the schedule to be announced NOW! I work till 9pm during the week and so it's hard to make shows when the headliners usually go on at that time. I like the CMJ Marathon b/c a lot of the shows are late - but now who will go with me?

SO many shows coming up and I'm actually more excited to hopefully get out and start shooting again - I miss editing photos actually.

Here's another image from Reflections. It was the last look and my collection was of freak show acts. This was supposed to be like 'P.T. Barnum and his Fiji Mermaid.' I wish I had done a bit more, but hell! That blazer took A LOT of effort and the dress kills.

So they became another freak show - Prom Attendees (if you know me, you understand how I become ill over traditional teenage events)

Leo & Chloe Von Creepy

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