Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sex Slaves & Toxic Vision

Yea, so it may have been back in August, but hell! I wanna talk about it.

August 21st at Santos Party House in NYC for bands, fashion and one drunk birthday dude.

My sister and I get stuck in Chinatown trying to get there b/c there was the one festival that weekend in Little Italy and they had a street blocked off - some crazy guy was the 'traffic director,' which meant no cops were around and so he just yelled at us if we didn't move fast enough.

We made perfect timing though - things were running a little behind and thank god too, b/c the music was SO loud between sets, we went downstairs to escape it between acts.

My photographer/friend/Sex Slaves worshiper was also there - doing what, you may ask...keeping guard of the Sex Slaves' merch table. haha, she's too funny. And...takes really cool shots of those boys at shows (just not of that night). Check it - http://www.flickr.com/photos/creepshowphotography/

We walked in on the one band playing, London from Daisy of Love is in it - don't know, wasn't too impressed.

One of the best parts of the night was the crazy man of honor, Samuel Valentine, who was happy and drunk as it was his birthday. That plus his accent made his introductions of people quite entertaining.

Like I said - perfect timing. Toxic Vision showed her fall collection 'Widowmaker' and it was bananas. I wish I had the body (and monies) to buy some stuff. From highly embellished bustiers, to monster fur sleeves to her standard spandex pants, I was so enjoying everything.

My favorite went early on - just covered in crosses = love. (Totally stole this from her etsy: ToxicVision.etsy.com)

After were The Sex Slaves and omg - DIES! Music = fun and crazy as hell, Band Members = hot as hell, Overall review is AWESOMENESS.

Gotta get into this band and stalk them, haha. Check it - www.SexSlavesNYC.com

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