Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harlow Magazine Fashion Reviews

I just dominated a whole tray of mini Cinnabon poppers that you get from like Costco and heat up and there's ten mini morsels of Cinnabon fixes. Not exactly like what you get at the mall, but yummy. So happy before watching Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Really cool shoot this weekend! I'm too sure how much I'm to talk about it...

But while fashion life has calmed down and I can FINALLY get things listed for purchase, day job life is hectic and sometimes annoying. In a month I'll be complaining how boring it is.

Here's shots from the second issue of Harlow Magazine with Sharon TK on the cover - my god, doesn't even look like her! That girl is awesome as hell. Cute magazine too!

I submitted things for review and was stoked when I open the magazine and see Audrey Kitching wearing something of mine. Woo! I thought they were going to have other models, but cool - Audrey and the mag's editor wearing my stuff.

They said the fit didn't work, but if that's the only con, can't complain - b/c I mean hey, those things I sent fit me and I'm 5'9, 135lbs. They are 5'4 and super tiny.

But...notice how my label name is spelled wrong with the CORRECT spelling RIGHT below it in the website address? So many people are doing this to me lately and I think I'm going to start being a diva about it.

More magazines coming out soon where you can spot my clothing :)

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