Friday, April 30, 2010

Flogging Molly = Love

This past Monday we went to see Flogging Molly at my favorite venue, Starland Ballroom

River City Extension was playing as we got in and I'm considering them like The Decemberists only more punk rock. Lots of instruments, fun, folky and easy to get into.

Turns out my friend knows the one band member and asked me to go to their CD release party in Asbury Park earlier in the day. Who knew I was going to see them that day?

Big D and the Kids Table were also up before Flogging Molly. Of course I knew who they were, but had never really bothered to get into them. They showed me I suck at life. Awewsome as hell.

90s ska still proving to be relevant and just as killer as when it first was huge. You could tell the new stuff from the old (he said what was what), a little harder/darker maybe describes the newer material.

Fun times, expecially watching the street punks dance around. Skinny boys in studded vests and jackets are love (and most were of age - they would find liquid refreshments in the bar area! that's how i know)


Yea, I saw them at Warped Tour, but this trumps Warped Tour like whoa.

They played on and on and everything was a song near and dear to my heart. I'm not too into their new album, Float, but can't win them all.

The crowd was just bananas the whole time and while you could see a bit of boredom/anticipation during slower songs, they needed them to rest and reflect.

What was really something was how the band interacted with each other and the crowd - being so genuine is rare these days. Singer Dave King, when he wasn't making mention of his wife and bandmate Bridget, pointed out the young fire fighter in the crowd who apparently stalks the band when they play, haha.

We left before the encore, but a Monday night is hard when work has to come the next day. Such a great show though - the crowd was on point, the openers were stupid awesome and Flogging Molly is always professional and just plain good.

Plus we kept noticing the trend of red socks. Can you see them on guitarist/banjo-ist/multi-instrumentalist Bob Smith? Was there a reason I didn't know?

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