Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ageless Boys...

I'm sitting here, preparing for an interview with one of the men below and freaking out. I've already interviewed two of the three guys I talk about here - yep, I'm cool.

After countless (and really pointless) Youtube videos, I stumbled upon a vintage one.

Jared Leto back when he was Jordan Catalano with Claire Danes! LOVE! And my, he hasn't aged.

It reminded me -

I had someone make a comment that played upon my love of Davey Havok and my clothing label's name - Sibyl Vain, which if you don't know, is the girlfriend (though her name in the book was 'Vane' not 'Vain') of Dorian Gray and killed herself, which you can bet Gray was mostly to blame - go read the book!

The comment went something like 'ageless boys will be your demise'


So I guess I need to stop lusting/adoring my Davey Havok and Jared Leto. Yea, right. Well, lusting for Leto and adoring Davey - that's more like it.

Seriously? This is 1995? After, go watch some currrent video interviews he's given or drool over following image

ps - he now has a mohawk and has dyed it pink for the new tour

Random Davey live shot from an 'Old AFI Rules' myspace group posting. After: photo (I took!) from their current tour.

Now, how can we ladies harness their ability to never age? Or...I have to start scoping out boys who dress/act with a character to them, so I'm assured he'll never age?

I can have their lead singer? yea? Thanks Motionless in White dudes!

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