Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bitch, Please! Project Runway


First - (and probably other fashion week websites) have had Project Runway shows up on their sites since February and well, there's 8 or whatever designers up there. Bravo people got to keep some secrets!

I've been in love with Seth Aaron's collection, so of course he was going to make Olympus Fashion Week (oh wait, or is it Mercedes Benz?)

Second - Seriously? Jay over Mila? Whatever. Go look at his show and check out the details on his clothing. Gimmicky my was like hipster bondage and when he said samuri vs. geisha - YES! You can see that and it's so awesome.

Not too fond of Emilio's or Mila's collections, which is weird b/c I really did love the last few pieces Emilio did - Can you say that sparkle strapless dress is on my 'to make' list?

But anyways...

Dear Gwen Stefani,

Tell your in-house designers THIS is how you do high-fashion, punk chic right.


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